A large number of business owners frequently ignore the significance of Google reviews along with the importance of Facebook reviews and other social media reviews.  Most do not realize that local search engines rank online reviews based on the fact that online customers are always looking for them.  

A review is a simple approach to give reality to a customer very quickly. Ten percent of how search engines, including Google, rank list items includes online reviews.  The main function of search engines is to guarantee that precise, significant and helpful data is introduced to the browser rapidly.  

In the past, building your company’s reputation was solely founded on how well you could sell yourself. You would go to events, shows, career expos, and just be visible in the society.  But gone are the days when a client would only decide which service to use unless they have met with every company on their list of options.  These days, a client would find out about not only the quality of your services but also your work ethics through online reviews.

Online reviews have become a great reference to many when it comes to deciding on a lot of things like which items to buy, which services to use, which places to travel to, where to order food from, and the list can go on and on.  Online reviews have gradually become an indispensable part of a business and online reputation management has never been as important as it is now.

Various studies have been completed to analyze the specific effect that both positive and negative reviews have on the prevalence, number of deals, product awareness, conversion rate and profitability of businesses. As reviews have developed in significance, they have additionally begun to invade search engine tool algorithms and impact on search positions for both local rankings and general outcomes. Truth be told, the significance of reviews for SEO can’t be underestimated.

What is the link between online reviews and local SEO? 

SEO is a crucial device you can use to develop your business. Local SEO is when clients search for area-based data (i.e.the best café in their town) and SEO is the way toward composing content so as to produce the most traffic from web index results. 

Counting keywords that your clients use to make searches is significant for search engines to realize what your business does and when to show your business. Local customers’ reviews can  influence your SEO in different ways.

Review business websites offer the most accurate data to clients. This encourages the customers to find, anticipate and settle on choices about their purchases in future. Search engines like Google choose to rank list items based on various factors which include:

Business owners should make time to read online reviews from their clients because these reviews play a critical role in improving their local listing on SERP and that’s exactly what makes it extremely important.  Any business, whether online or offline, needs online reviews to boost the local SEO.  If your business is on the top of SERP, you will get more views and you will catch the attention of more clients.  In addition, these reviews can help in improving brand awareness and reputation.

Because review websites give the most precise data which clients use to help them decide on which products or services to use, it is important that your business is on the top list of these websites. And for you to achieve that, you have to pull in more customers and encourage them to submit reviews either on Google Business Listing or on review sites like Yelp.

Benefits of Online Reviews 

  1. Customer reviews can help tell search engines that your image is established, and when more people online are talking about your business, Google will rank your website higher in search engine results. It assists with adding more reviews to the website, since Google rewards destinations that contain links to other legitimate websites. 
  1. Your customers will talk about your items or services uniquely, and they may furnish you with the terms that others are utilizing to search for your business. You will profit by expressions into your own duplicate, and highlighting customer reviews will add a genuine boost to your search engine traffic.
  1. Having four and five star reviews shows your business can be trusted to convey on its guarantees. This implies shoppers are bound to pick you over competitors.
  1. Having various positive reviews improves the probability of persuading clients to pay more cash for items or services. Truth be told, studies have shown that purchasers are probably going to spend around 31% more on products and services from businesses that have astounding reviews backing them up. 
  1. More than seven out of ten shoppers trust online reviews as much as they would an individual suggestion, making reviews as ground-breaking as verbal promotion developing your business. 


Online reviews are one of the essential marketing tools for small businesses. Customers are using reviews as a deciding factor for whether or not they will do business with you. Therefore, you should be actively asking for new reviews and managing incoming ones to ensure that you are not losing customers.

A large number of customers make local searches each day to locate the best local businesses in their locality. You can build your perceivability and be found by these expected customers in the event that you decide to work with a dependable local SEO company that is equipped for conveying incredible results.

Customer reviews directly affect business inquiry perceivability, particularly local businesses. Laying out a reasonable, reliable approach to  request and respond to reviews is a great way to improve your SEO.
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